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Medical Beauty Clinic

Welcome to Skin Redefined  Medical Beauty (my fully equipped home clinic).  I have the latest technologies, affordable services, and competitive prices.

My training is extensive from within Australia, to Europe, and Asia. I hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, together with various Certificates of advanced care and protocols from Germany;  my appointment as a trainer in dermo-cosmetic procedures, cosmeceuticals, and advanced machinery for Medi-spas. I have certificates of competency from prominent and prestigious companies for several laser platforms, Ulthera, HIFU, and tattoo removal.


I believe that healthy robust skin is more youthful than an unnatural alteration to facial contours (through costly and often short-lived injectables), leaving the appearance to puffy and distorted, and sometimes with unexpected side effects.  

Healthy glowing skin is the new age of beauty and it is the power of beauty.

Payment for services may be via AfterPay, direct deposit, cash, or card (Square EFTPOS - attracting a service fee of 2.2%), or PayPal.  Please ensure that any direct deposits are followed with a transactional advice via email or text message. 

​I look forward to redefining your skin and beauty and making a visible difference.  
Beauty is YOUth.  
Julie Brown


My Philosophy


My belief is that if something isn't broken, don't fix it!  Your skin health and body concerns are important, and I have many available treatments to naturally and non-invasively address your concerns, and enhance your beauty, not alter it.

Sovereignty by knowledge.
... skin for life.

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